S T A Y   U P D A T E D   A N D   J O I N   T H E   R I D E


Born in Germany, Marcus studied photography at the Southampton Institute of Art and Design in England, received the Bachelor of Arts in 2001.

His perspective is far-ranging and anthropological. Spanning celebrity lives, from athletes to politicians, to surprising urban subcultures and futuristic cityscapes, he documents the human condition with immediacy and compassion. 

Whether in the studio or on location, his down to earth charm and rapport with his subjects enables him to bring-forth individual uniqueness to his images.

His visual language draws upon personal experience and feeling, which is effortlessly translated from his free work to the commercial sphere. It is this connectivity between the subject/client and the viewer which makes his work so engaging.

Always aesthetic, often colourful, Marcus’ images offer a sense of familiarity in otherwise unusual and exceptional lives.

These art works can be seen in the collections of Foam Editions in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy in Washington DC, USA, Movares Art Collection in Utrecht and in many private collections.

Marcus lives and works out of Amsterdam



2013 Movares Art Collection, Utrecht, the Netherlands – the Cityscape series

2011 Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Embassy in Washington DC - the Cityscape series

2008 Foam Gallery Art Collection - the Cityscape series

2008 - present, numorious private Art collectors, the Cityscape series

2001 Southampton Institute Art Collection - the portrait series - Phenotype

A W A R D S - N O M I N A T I O N S

2015 received honorable mention of the PX3 – Prix de la Photographie, The Children of Vogue

2015 finalist at the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, The People of Wasteland

2015 ’selected for ONWARD compé Photoaward 2015, The People of Wasteland

2014 made it in the final top 20 for the GoSeeAwards 2014, the Girl got Balls

2014 the series ‘Holi’ received an Honorable Mention at the The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (Px3) 2014 Photo Competition, Holi Portraits

2014 shortlisted for the KL International Photoawards, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Scarlet Fudge from Amsterdam Drag Queens Olympians

2014 finalist for the DUO Magazine Percival Photographic Portrait Prize, Australia/ - Maya with the Girl got Balls

2012 bronze and silver winner at the Loup Awards, Cityscapes

2012 9x bronze winner at the EPSON International Pano Awards, Cityscapes

2012 Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards, the Girl got Balls

2011 Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards, the Girl got Balls

2011 ‘Px3 Official Selection’, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, France, the Girl got Balls

2011 winner of the New York Photo Awards 2011 in the Category - Editorial - Image Series,, the Girl got Balls

2011 nomination and 3rd place - Dutch Photography Prize -Zilveren Camera, the Girl got Balls

2011 Finalist at the International Photo Awards 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, the Girl got Balls

2011 Shortlisted for the Portrait Photography Prize - Let\’s Face It 7, of the London Photographic Association, the Girl got Balls

2010 Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards, Cityscapes

2010 Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards, the Girl got Balls


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